Keeping your water clean and drinkable

The backflow preventer is part of the plumbing system and ultimately serves to ensure your water is clean, drinkable and within quality standards. This is accomplished by keeping your water flowing in only one direction and thus preventing dirty water from reflowing back into the clean supply. This said, it goes without saying that backflow preventer is a vital aspect of your plumbing system and without it could be detrimental to human health.

How we keep your water supply safe

Neumann Plumbing has worked extensively with backflow preventers over the years and adheres the strict standards set out by EPCOR in Edmonton. This is because EPCOR is the regulating body that ensures healthy clean water is distributed throughout Edmonton and many communities around Alberta. Neumann Plumbing can assist you with your backflow preventer needs by:

  • Installation of backflow preventer
  • Testing backflow preventers
  • Replacing backflow preventers


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